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Cobblestone Capital, LLC is a Mortgage and Capital Advisory Firm, specializing in the placement of financing for commercial real estate and business transactions. I specifically have over 43 years of lending experience to assist our commercial borrowers in meeting their financing needs and goals. Cobblestone Capital does not accept any residential transactions at all, we are not a "lender," and we do not collect any up front fees. Cobblestone Capital, LLC only collects a "Success Fee" which is only paid to us at closing. Please be aware that, although we do not collect fees prior to closing to process a commercial loan transaction, most of our funding sources do collect fees, which will vary based upon the type of transaction, as well as by funding source.

At the current time, we utilize over 750 different commercial funding sources worldwide, which allows us to handle almost any commercial debt, or equity type transaction through these institutional lenders, private lenders, and venture capitalists. We are currently accept transactions on a nationwide basis with a minimum loan request of $1,000,000, as well as internationally with a minimum loan request of $5,000,000.

For consideration of your commercial loan request, please forward a detailed executive summary of your transaction to and we will follow up with you upon our review of your executive summary.

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