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Commercial Loans - Harvesters Funding Corp

Usually the banks around the world use 2 factors to authorize capital: that is credit and income taxes. We have mastered different underwriting programs to obtain the most important part
of your project "The Capital". This gives more opportunities for Entrepreneurs to fund their

Commercial and Business Loans 100k - 100 Million
1. Conventional Commercial Loan - Loans based on credit, collateral and financials.
2. Rehab and Redevelopment Commercial Loans - Commercial completion loans.
3. Asset Based Hard Money Loan - Loans based on asset security.
4. Stated Commercial Loan - Commercial loans based on credit score.
5. Private Money Commercial Loan - Loans based on property and business plan.
6. Commercial Construction Loan - Loans for new project construction.
7. Land Loan - A loan guaranteed by land.
8. Small Business Administration Loans - Government secured business loan.
9. Factoring Loans - Loans based in future capital from receivables or contracts.
10. Equipment Loans - Loans based on purchase new or old equipment.
11.Residential Finance

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