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Heath Schneider's Answers

Is there a loan which provides for cash in hand at closing?
With good credit you can buy a home with zero money out of pocket, however, cash in hand with home mortgages went away since the mortgage meltdown in 2008. There is a way to get unsecured lines of credit up to 150,000 if you need cash in hand.
Do you offer a refinance on an existing HECM loan?
All lenders are not the same as it pertains to HECM reverse refinance. As a National Sales Manager I can offer lender credits and rebate government fees that most loan officers cannot. If you want to save money on your loan you should talk to me.
Need answer on earlier applacation
We are a direct lender in California. We have yet to receive your loan information. 1.Most recent 2 Years tax returns (all schedules)(business and personal) 2.2 Most recent bank and/or retirement statements 3.2 Forms of ID (Driver's License & Social Security card or Passport) 4.W2's from 2014 and 2015 5...
Can husband refinance house in his name if he is not on the loan
Yes if he has been on title for 6 month and he qualifies with his debts and income
Do I understand correctly that an applicant for a USDA loan CANNOT own other property?
You can own another property, however, your USDA loan application must be for a home you plan on using as your primary residence. Therefore, the home you own now must be figured into your debt to income ratio but owning a home does not disallow you from purchasing a home with a USDA loan.
I own my mobile home . I need a home improvement loans can I use my title as collateral ?
We can do a loan on a mobile home as long as you own the land it sits on. If not, I would not be able to lend on it.

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