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Hello, I am Helen Williams with Titan Funding Group in Eugene, OR. I began my career in lending in the late 80's in California. Things were much different then. It was the days before credit reporting agencies and computers on every desk. Applications were all hand written and verifications were all sent via snail mail. Fax machines were just coming into use and many companies imposed a per fee charge. Calculations for amortizations were created by hand for new loan products like the "Deferred Interest-Negative amortization Loans". Loans that had no monthly statements, but a yearly booklet- and no caps for how high the interest rate could adjust after 3 months of 6.95% to margins of 5% and indexes of 8%, meaning your payment stayed the same for 12 months, but after 3 months of the rate being low, it spiked up to 13% and really began eating away at your equity. I am so glad changes have been made and protections for the consumer have been put in place.

Along my career path I spent almost 8 years with Fidelity National Title in Mendocino County as Assistant VP of Sales and Marketing. I also enjoyed two years working with Community Development of Mendocino County, the housing authority. I helped to develop and run the nonprofit "HELP" program that helped many families to obtain their first home with the help of a silent 2nd for $30,000.

On Sept 15, 2000 I moved to Eugene to begin a fresh start. I immediately fell in love with Eugene and all of Oregon. It was "North West of Normal Celebration" now called Eugene Celebration, and shortly thereafter it was Civil War week. The spirit and energy and the love was everywhere. this place is like no other. I love living here.

Since returning to being a Loan Officer, I have enjoyed working for several major banks in the area, including Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase (AKA Chase Home Finance), GMAC and North Pacific Financial Corp. I have learned from the best of the best and joined the ranks of Top Producer, but at the heart of everything was the things I could do to help the people who entrusted me with the most important dccision in most peoples lives- the financing of their home.

In January 2010 changes came to our industry unlike anything that has ever occured in the past. Changes that affect every person involved with a mortgage loan- not only from the loan originator to the borrower, but now also the Realtor, Title & Escrow, Pest & Fungus people and sellers.

I actually like many of the changes because it is better for the consumer, BUT as with many things that the government attempts to do to help (and I am not trying to give any political views in this web site), many things just plain do not make sence. I will have articles on the the GFE and other important things you need to know to purchase or refinance now a days. It's a whole new world, and you NEED an advocate that is knowlegable about navagating a path and educating you about it. And I believe, that would be me.

In 2007 I went through the CMPS training (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist) in Dallas, TX. It was a eye opening and exhilarating experience, and has truly helped me to understand the WHY behind my industry and what makes the rates move and many other secrets to being successful in my industry.

Moving to Titan Funding Group in Eugene, OR was a great move for me and all my customers. Besides having excellent rates (far better than anything I have ever been able to offer before), I am supported by a great staff to help me 24 hour guaranteed underwriting turnaround times. I know that any success I achieve in life is because of those that surround me.

I love working with 1st time homebuyers. Most of my business has come from my past clients and referrals from past clients. Whether you are looking to purchase a home, refinance or would like to discuss Reverse Mortgages, please let me know how I can assist you with your lending needs.

Conventional 30 or 15 year fixed, FHA-VA-USDA-Oregon Bond- Adjustable or Interest Only, call me and we will discuss what loan option is best for your financial future. At Titan Funding Group we believe in FULL TRANSPARENCY. What that means to you is I will actually show you the current rate sheets I receive every day and offer you several options to choose from. After all, it IS your loan and your choice. I believe education is the best solution for a fearful process of unknowns.

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