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Tom Laakmann's Answers

how can i get a lower mortgage rate? or is mine fine?
We are offering a slightly lower rate today for 710 score (with no points). What are the fees associated with the 5% rate? It is important to consider the dollar amount of any points and/or lender fees that are associated with the rate. You can check us out at if you want to accurately...
is homepath financing a good option if i have mid to low credit?
One of the benefits of Homepath is that with a low downpayment of 5% it does not require you to pay a mortgage insurance premium, like a typical conventional Fannie Mae loan would. However, when I price out your scenario, the Homepath interest rates look about 0.5% higher. It really depends on a number of...
Can I refiance outside my fha loan?
Yes, you can refinance your FHA mortgage to a conventional type loan, if you meet conventional guidelines. It really depends on your scenario: credit scores, loan amount, home value etc. I can give you a free analysis of all your options. Call or email me. Goto:
My husband and I paid our house off in April 2014what can i do for a remodel loan?
Depending on the value of your home in the current condition, it may be easiest to get a home equity line of credit or do a cashout refinance for the amount of money you think you will need to do the remodel. Call or email me for more info. Tom at
can i put my daughter on the mortgage via a refinance?
yes, you sure can refinance to a lower rate and add your daughter at the same time, as long as you both meet the credit/income requirements. Id be happy to give you a free consultation to discuss all your options and provide you with a written estimate of potential costs and new monthly payments. Tom...

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