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Heath Symonds's Answers

Wish to transfer home into my Son's name
If you can get your son's credit score between 600 and 640 you might want to consider selling the home to your son and using a 'gift of equity' for his down payment if there is any equity in the home. You can use the equity in the home for his down payment and even cover closing costs. Be...
Will refinancing with another person on the mortgage make it a better loan?
My office is in Flagstaff. Feel free to give me a call.Heath Symonds928-556-0600
What do I need to qualify for the new HARP program?
We are still waiting on more specific details on the HAPR II program mainly having to do with loan to values over 125%. Give me a call at 928-556-5570 and we can talk - Heath symonds
Refinancing under HARP2 and want to buy a 2nd home as primary residence soon after closing on re-fi.
Be very careful. Occupancy is a very important. Be very upfront with your lender as to your intent. You may be able to refi your current residence as a rental. Heath Symonds.

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