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Need a Lender that lends in MD or WV
I can refinance your loan. I work at American Federal Saving Bank. We are based out of Greenbelt MD. You can contact me Iris Crespo NMLS# 748691 directly at 484-881-3260
Affording a house
If you're planning to buy at $700k w/ a 10% down payment = $630k loan = $2750 rough payment, figure in Tax/Ins (escrows) separately. Debt ratio cut off is normally 43-45% = In your case, based on a income of $275k annually your total debt load reporting on credit plus your new payment couldn't exceed...
if you have abill in collections how long do you have to wait after it is paid off to qualify fha mortgage
As long as your score is =>580 score you should be okay to qualify. Medical bills can be overlooked-Serious collections are not. NO waiting period once paid off. Approvals are normal credit score driven
I own my home and I have a new husband who has nothing to do with the home, can i take out an equity line with his involvement
California is a Community Property State.IF he is NOT on Deed & NOT on Mortgage Note & you plan to keep it that way- that is fine, you can.However, there are still forms he would likely need to sign acknowledging that you are restructuring the note on your property.
What is the average debt to net ratio in order to qualify for a home loan
Its depends on the loan program- normally 45% Max Debt Ratio New mortgage payment plus current Bills listed on credit / gross monthly incomeI have seen approvals as high as 50%
what are the requirements for a va irrrl with no appraisal?
You would need a successful AVM (Automated Valuation Model) value or sometimes even a drive by appraisal for certain areas. 620 Min credit score & Enough Guaranty available. NO income verification is needed, unless you plan on raising your payment for a shorter loan term.
Are piggyback loans still around?
Yes- We offer financing of upto 95% with no MI for loan sizes upto $417k; 90%LTV for Jumbos >417kThis would be the same on a purchase loan or a refinance.Iris- 484-881-3260
what to purchase 2nd townhouse(MD) where i work in DCmy love to keep my other townhouse in PA
What are your intentions for the house in PA? To remain as your primary? Will it be a 2nd home or converted into an investment?That will depend on how the new loan will be processed and help determine if your income will support both mortgage payments.Contact me direct to discuss details. 484-881-3260
USDA loan what?
If you have money to apply towards the home loan we could Try getting you approved for another loan type. However we would need to act fast p. time in your case is of the essence. Give me a call 484-881-3260
whats the rate on a fha condo if my credit is 706? it dropped recently too
If you were late on a mortgage payment - FHA guidelines state you can have 0- lates in the last 6mos, 1- in the last 12mos. If you've only had one late in the last 12 mos then you will be good to apply. Rates range from 3.75% - 4.25% FHA based on credit & DTI factors.Call me direct with questions267-294-6325

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