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My husband wants to refinance...he has great credit and I don't though it is improving. Do I have to be on the loan?
Hi, In Illinois, Both spouses do NOT have to be on the loan; He can refinance himself. The only involvement on your part is that you would have sign a papaer stating that you are aware that he is refinancing the house.Feel free to fill out our online application or or give me a call directly and I can Fedex the...
If the harp program is backed by the government why are the mortgage companies able to set their own rules and not approve you
Good question! Us mortgage brokers and bankers are asking the same thing. Lenders add thier own requirements, called overlays, to further insure that the loan will not default. Big banks got "stuck" with bad loans in the very recent past and they do not want that to happen to them again. I am a...
Above 125 LTV lender in Illinois needed
Hi, Not a problem!I am a local broker located in St. Charles, IL and we have several lenders that are doing HARP 2.0.I just got a borrower approved at 165%LTV and he currently has MI.Compared to that, your loan sounds easy!:-)Give me a call anytime.Kris KrajeckiGreat Mortgage630-347-6321NMLS#225689
Can I refinance my house with a 633 credit score?
No problem at all. Give me a call and I can overnight a loan application to you today. Rates are at an all time low so you have perfect timing!:-)Kris KrajeckiGreat Mortgage630-347-6321St. Charles, ILNMLS #225689
How much employment history do you need for a first time home buyer?
Hi, No problem at all. Simply show that you were in school for the last 2 years and provide your last 2 paycheck stubs from your current job and you will be just fine. Feel free to give me a call this weekend and I will work on getting you your pre-approval letter for your new home purchase. I have 30 year fixed...
Can I get a home loan after a rate reduction loan mod
Hi, Sure-but you have to have been on time for the last 12 months. Feel free to call anytime. My office is downtown Geneva. 630-347-6321
Follow up to my original question can we get a fha mortgage in illinois with a middle credit score of 623.
Hi Neighbor! You CAN get an FHA loan with a 620+ middle score. The BK would have to be the full 2 years out-and you should not have any lates since your BK.I would be happy to work on a pre-approval letter for you now. It would however state that you cannot CLOSE before June 16th, 2013.... but you can certainly look...
under the new lending rules relating to student loan debt that lenders what are mortgage options if I have high student loan debt
On an FHA loan, your student loans would have to be deferred for 24 months. An FHA loan only requires 3 1/2% down for your new home purchase.Kris KrajeckiGreat MortgageGeneva,
Upside down mortgage
Hi, Sure. That's what HARP 2.0 is designed for.Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and I can check if you are eligible--you may not even need to do an appraisal.Kris KrajeckiGreat Mortgage630-347-6321IMCALLINGKRIS@AOL.COM
How many points is normal to pay for a refi?
With rates this low, I wouldn't pay ANY points for a refinance!I am a full service Mortgage Broker and all of my lenders will pay your closing costs.Feel free to give me a call...Kris KrajeckiGreat MortgageGeneva, IL630-347-6321
203K Loan question
Hi Janine, You MAY be better off simply doing a cash-out refinance. You can use that money to do your repairs without having to jump through the 203K hoops AND with rates at historic lows right now, you may just benefit from a lower interest rate as well!I live in Huntley and my office is in Geneva.Feel free...
if you have abill in collections how long do you have to wait after it is paid off to qualify fha mortgage
My lenders do not require collections to be paid off unless it is a student loan. Kris Krajecki630-347-6321
do i qualify with my circumstances for a mortgage
As a local mortgage broker, I can help you with your pre-approval letter. Call or email me anytime. Kris KrajeckiGreat MortgageGeneva, IL630-347-6321
What is minimum credit score required to obtain a VA home loan?
Hi Chuck, I am a full service mortgage broker and I have lenders that will go down to a 500 middle score.Below a 580 you will need 10% down though-Otherwise it is no money down.I am located in Geneva, ILFeel free to call or e-mail if you have any questions or to get pre-approved.Kris KrajeckiGreat...
low down payment FHA financing?
Hi, The minimum down payment for an FHA purchase is 3.5% no atter your credit score. (580-800 - 530-579 would need 10%)The 3.5% CAN be gift funds from a family member. USDA and VA loans are 100% financing, no money down. You can even finance your closing costs. ;-)If you have any questions feel free to contact...
mnimum equity needed for a cashout refi?
Nothing. Max cash out for FHA is 85% LTV. We can always do an FHA streamline to get you a lower rate and you would get your escrow money back and skip a payment.
Our condo was FHA approved, but now it apparantly is no longer. Is refinance no longer possible with FHA?
Hi, If you are currently already in an FHA loan, then that would not matter. We can do an "FHA streamline refinance" and you wouldn't even need to have an appraisal done!I live in Huntley so I am very familiar with Algonquin.Give a call anytime and we can wrap up a refi before the months end.:-)~Kris...
good refi programs for *shortening* loan length?
Absolutely!We offer great fixed rate loans from 8 years to 30 years. Kris Krajecki Great Mortgage640-347-6321

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