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Is it worth it to get a longer mortage
contact me at info@cfcmortgageonline.com15 year fixed is a great idea 3.625%
Applying for an FHA home loan
Please cantact me at
Does PMI cover Forclouse
you need to contact your pmi company
Mother Ill, How can I legally take her off my mortgage.
contact me if you are in NJinfo@cfcmortgageonline.comwe can refi her off the loan if she signs at closing to get it done..
Quit Claim Deed
contact me if you are in
I need a Short Refi
A "short refinance" is a transaction in which your bank or mortgage lender agrees to pay off your existing mortgage and replace it with new a loan with a reduced balance, essentially helping you avoid foreclosure.It benefits both the bank and the homeowner, as the bank ideally loses less...
When looking for a mortgage should I use a site like this?
Do you live in NJ?
Has anybody tried the leads on this site?
what state are you looking for leads in?
Can I Get 2 fha home loans?
cantact me at info@cfcmortgageonline.comwe do fha loans in NJ
What is the highest Loan-to-Value which is permitted for a "good rate"?
we can go to 125% ltv for a fannie or freddie mortgage with no MIcontact
how does a home equity loan get paid back?
A home equity loan is a revolving account. It is most likely interest only and the payment is calculated on the outstanding balance. You need to pay more than the interest payment ever month, to pay down the on the principle.What is your mortgage rate on your 1st mortgage? The best way to pay the Home equity...

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