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Kathleen Smith's Blog

Private Banking products for High Net Worth Borrowers
Updated Jun. 2, 2014
Private Banking Products by Private Client Services, a division of Harbour Equity Partners.. We are looking for qualified borrowers with high interest rate mortgages that are interested in lowering their rate and or developing a private banking relationship. We believe you may be a candidate for this program,...
Jumbo Loan Products for High Net Worth Borrowers
Updated Jun. 2, 2014
Michael discusses the jumbo products offered by Private Client ServicesOur origination team now has an additional tool to promote the Jumbo Loan and private banking products. Thanks to Michael and our creative staff, our originator have the product flyers, websites, and products that help generate loans...
Commercial Property and Projects
Updated Jun. 2, 2014
Commercial Property and Projects. Private Client Services, LLC is interested in reviewing commercial projects in the US. We would also like to build our pipeline of Private Banking Clients that have a strong financial statement. The property or project can be any size, but the borrower's profile will be in...
Private Money loans for Investment property and projects
Updated Jun. 2, 2014
Private Money loans for Investment property and projects . Commercial projectsFor all 50 states we will consider all real estate related property with the exception of owner occupied.This loan product has a minimum loan amount of $1 million, and offers an 8% IO for up to 36 months, or longer. Also, 2- 4 points of...
100% financing for homes that are under water on their loan.
Updated Jun. 2, 2014
Re: Private Banking Loan Products. Looking for 100 % plus LTV on loans over $500,000We are looking for qualified individuals that are potential private banking clients. The products structured by our private bankers are created around a high net-worth borrower that may not show personal income and/or have...
Investment Banker offering a higher rate for residential projects
Updated Jun. 2, 2014
Private Banking Rehab Loan products:. Investment Banker looking for High Net Worth Clients. Will consider a higher rate for loans on residential properties in all 50 states.RehabLoanOffering 8% Interest only for 12-36 Months, with the option to roll to a longer term fixed rate from 2.5 to 4%.Our Goal is for long...
Loan against your retirement accounts
Updated Jun. 2, 2014
Private Client Services, has now introduced a concept to borrow on your 401k without a penalty.The Private Client Services group here at Harbour Equity Partners has recently broke ground on a new financing product to help that allows borrowers to utilize a 401k account to draw a loan.yes,, that is what you heard,...

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