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Ivan Diaz's Answers

Refinancing to avoid PMI.
Hello Susan,Depends on the lender...Most offer variable rates on open ended home equity line of credits (2nd mortgages). In addition, most variable rates are about 2% lower than a fixed second mortgage. Keep in mind that I am generalizing but accurate for the most part. I do have a question--- How long have...
i meet all the requirements for a HARP loan but my mid. credit score is below 620. will this automatically deny my loan?
Hello, Have you tried reaching out to your current servicing lender? They may offer a Refi Plus (Same Servicer) version of the HARP. They may allow more expanded guidelines. DU Refi Plus is the version referred to below and is different because it all depends on the automated decision. Any other...
we had a foreclosure 12/8/2012. we want to buy a house now. Is it possible to go with a conventional loan?
Hello Pam,Foreclosures - The standard time frame since completion of the foreclosure is 84 months. However, you should be eligible for an FHA loan after 3 yrs have passed. FHA rates are just as low as conventional loans, only require 3.5% down and usually offer closing cost credit. All depends on the...
When should I refinance?
I agree not to wait. Rates are up about .50% within the last 2 weeks. I don't think anybody has an idea of where they will land. My recommendation is: Talk with a mortgage professional. If it makes sense to refinance now, then go for it.Feel free to contact me directly. I'm in Oakland also.Ivan...
Can i get a home loan with 619 credit score
Hi Jesse, There are expanded guidelines that allow below a 620. Feel free to call me for more information. 415-271-7740 direct!Ivan Diaz
Are there any first time buyer assistance programs available in Sacramento, CA?
Yes there are - Are you looking for Down Payment Assistance? CalHFA has a DPA program that can be combined with an FHA/Conventional loan. There is another DPA program also that I can use but CalHFA's is the one I use the most.
can I really get a mortgage with bad credit, I am tired of renting
Yes you can - i can explain why and what your options are.Buying a home is a process that shouldn't be intimidating. Whether you have good or bad credit, its important to understand the next step. By the time you are done talking with me, you will have a good understanding of how mortgages work. This will give...
i have plenty of equity in my home i have had some bad luck and need a 2nd mortgage to pay off some bills and just have home loan?
If you are falling behind and need help, call me before you are late on your mortgage. Ivan Diaz (415) 271-7740 direct. Our offices are nearby in Grapevine.
Need a list of reputable VA lenders in the Dallas, TX area.
A reputable lender needs a good experienced originating loan officer to maintain that reputation. I can help. We have great rates and fast processing in addition to understanding what to expect during the process. I would love to help!.
Looking to get a loan to install solar panels. Where should I start?
Lorne is right. A cash out home mortgage or a 2nd mortgage (equity loan/line) are some great options. Speaking with a mortgage consultant can help you weigh your options on what is best given your current mortgage.
Options after foreclosure? Excellent credit.
Here the guidelines for you to see:CONVENTIONAL - 7 YEARS FROM DATE OF TRUSTEE SALEFHA - 3 YEARS FROM DATE OF TRUSTEE SALEVA - 2 YEARS FROM DATE OF TRUSTEE SALEUSDA - 3 YEARS FROM DATE OF TRUSTEE SALEIf you would like to buy before end of summer, there are plenty of Portfolio/Private lenders out there....
if i put a down payment of 50,000.00 on a 460,000.00 how much will my payment will be? my credit score is 699.
Hi Monica - I can help you with your payment calculation. You do have options but FHA is not one of them if you are buying in Texas. Loan limits vary by county and are not as high in the state. Since you are putting down approx 10% there are a couple of ways to structure the loan to avoid mortgage insurance....
Less than 6 month employment
Hello...A couple questions: 1) You were paid in cash. I assume you didn't file taxes. Correct? 2) How are you paid now - Hourly, Salary, 1099? Since you are not ready to buy now, you still have time to position yourself to buy. A mortgage lender will calculate your current income and 1 to 2 yr history...
Selling in LA wanting to buy in Tx
I am a mortgage lender in Austin. We go down to 580 on an FHA.
Can I get a loan without 20% down?
Yes you can. Sonny is right. 3 yrs from the date of the short sale. If you had no late payments leading up to the short sale, no waiting period is required.
I want to borrow money against my double wide and land
I would need some information but I have mortgage for you! Reach out to me through my profile for more details
Need to get in contact with lenders who offer VA construction loans
I have a one time close option. Contact me for details

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