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Ivan Diaz's Blog

Choosing a Great Loan Officer
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
In the mortgage industry, most consumers shop rate sensitive not knowing what's higher on their priority list: Rate, Product and consider all upfront cost. A Great loan officer will guide you to making the right decision. Here is what you should expect: Great Rates- - Most lenders have similar rates...Some...
Getting a Home Loan with "Bad" Credit
Updated Jun. 22, 2016
There are many reasons why someone may have damaged, low or bad credit. Divorces, bankruptcies, medical bills and even credit report errors can all cause you to have a credit score that's less than perfect. The good news is though that there are many different programs available to individuals with less...
All About USDA Mortgage Loans - A Great Option for FTHB
Updated Jun. 24, 2016
Are you more comfortable out in the country, listening to the birds chirp and sing, with plenty of space to call your own? If so, then a USDA mortgage loan may be the perfect option to get you and your family into your own home today!. What is a USDA mortgage loan?. A USDA home loan is also known as a USDA Rural Development...

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