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Jack Cyrul's Answers

Hi, I was offered a 4.75 fixed loan for $1270 a month and have to pay at closing $300. However, my other option is to get 5% and at closing get $900 back. I need to lock in the rate what do you recommend?
Not enough information to give you an honest answer only to say a .25% difference in the interest rate cost you about $15.17 per month/per 100,000 so it would not take long to reach the 800 then you would be loosing. Hope that helps.Jack C.dependableinc@yahoo.com734-395-9027
New Job at Bank Previously self employed....need mortgage
JustinI have several lenders that I put 0 down RD loans through and great rates and would like to help you. Call me on my cell 734-395-9027 My office is in Brighton just down the road.Jack Cdependableinc@yahoo.comDependable Mortgage, Inc. 1056 Charles H. Orndorf Drive Ste.C Brighton MI 48116
Should I lock in my rate for a mortgage before the end of the year?
There is no truth to lower rates at the end of the year. 4.5% for a 30 year with 20% down is a high rate, I can get you under 4% call me at 734-395-9027
I have a middle FICO of 692, can I apply for a new home loan?
Should not be a problem call me for the lowest cost and best rate at 734-395-9027 Jack Cyrul Dependable Mortgage, Inc. I would be glad to come and meet with you at any time day or evenings.
Appraisals are necessary on all purchases but not on all refinances. Call me to go over your scenario and we can determine your needs to see if the property value is important to the transaction. Jack C 734-395-9027, Brighton Michigan
Is 3.5% (no points) the best rate I'll probably be offered?
I need more info to figure if that's the best rate or not. Please call Jack C at 734-395-9027
Harp 2.0 Refinance with LPMI (Radian) in MICHIGAN
I can help you with this no problem. This is Jack C from Dependable Mortgage, Inc. Brighton Michigan 48116. Call me at 734-395-9027 any time, this is my cell.
HARP 2.0 without overlays?
I'd be glad to try to help you, give me a call at 734-395-9027Jack C
First Time Home Buyers in 48146...
I'd be glad to give you a free pre-approval call me at 734-395-9027Jack C
USDA Guaranteed loan program
A home can never be to nice for RD. Call me for help. Jack C Dependable Mortgage, Inc. 734-395-9027
Refinancing from a FHA 30 yrs to FHA 15 yrs - Do I get UPMIP back on current
After 3 years there is no refund left. Jack C 734-395-9027
Looking for a jumbo loan rate and LTV requirement in MI
Give me a call at 734-395-9027 or we can e-mail at Ask for Jack. I have several lenders that have real good jumbo rates and I would like to discuss with you the details of your purchase in order to find you the best rate.
FHA or Homepath?
If the property qualifies for Homepath financing then that's the way you want to go, it is the better loan. There are other loan products that depending on where you want to live are better then FHA though FHA is not a bad loan. For more details feel free to call me at Jack C 734-395-9027
lack of credit
If your job is full time I should be able to help you as long as you have enough income to qualify. Call me at 734-395-9027
How do I qualify for an FHA mortgage. Do you offer thosa. Do I qualify? Thanks.
Cantact me at 734-395-9027 to be qualifyed for FREE. 734-395-9027
Only been employed in mi for 1 month. Left ca and job (34yrs). Who will give me a loan?
This should not be a problem. Gave me a call for a free prequalification any time 734-395-9027 Jack C.
Can I refinance an FHA mortgage with high LTV?
Yes call me at 734-395-9027 and I will be glad to help you with your loan. Jack C
Does anyone know of any Michigan based lenders will to refinance BOA loan with LPMI under Harp 2.0. My LPMI vendor is Triad.
I can do that for you as long as the loan is a Fannie Mae. BOA could just be the servicer and I can look all that up for you also. Jack C 734-395-9027
I am 3 yrs out on my bankruptcy discharge Feb 2, 2013. Everyone said I am eligible to buy a home then. Now I get a curve ball
I have a mortgage product that I may be able to get you in with zero down only after 2 years out of BK. If you're interested in seeing if you qualify call me at 734-395-9027, Jack C.

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