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A little background on myself, I was fascinated by the way investors made money through real estate. Through a spark of curiosity, I went to Real Estate School. I started training May 23, 2006 and after a month I received my certification on June 18, 2006 from the 3-day Real Estate Training Academy.
Through the school I had coaching sessions done once a week for ten weeks straight through a company sponsored at the real estate school. My first coaching session started in July 19, 2006 and my last coaching session ended in October 04, 2006. They trained me on how to invest in homes, how to find the right properties, how to utilize resources to locate good purchases, and much more. After absorbing, processing, and filtering through so much information I finally decided I wanted to invest in rental properties. I went out and got all my certifications, teamed up with a foreclosure specialist, some realtors, and investors within my area and built what is now Lindo Real Estate Enterprise LLC. Even till this day I am still in the process of purchasing and I'm always looking for that "right one".


3 Day Real Estate Training Academy: I did my Training for my Real Estate on June 16-18, 2006, I receive my Certificate of Achievement on June 18th, 2006. Real Estate Success & Business on: Contracts, Property Analysis, Contracts & Form, and Creative Financing.

Lindo Real Estate Enterprise, LLC (*LREE) is aimed at transforming the Real Estate Market by focusing on the needs of the consumer and creating an atmosphere that is more customer oriented. For this reason LREE's clients tend be people from all walks of life who find satisfaction in the services of our company. We aim to help all home buyers and investors find the right homes, for the right price, for the budget. Feel free to browse our services and see for yourself if what we offer is right for you.
For years Lindo Real Estate Enterprise, LLC has aimed to provide satisfaction in each and every service that we bring. Since 2006, we've developed the principle of helping the average home buyers find the perfect home without having to sacrifice too much of your budget. As a business, we make sure we have everything you'll need to find the perfect home using our wide array of networks and resources. Lindo Real Estate Enterprise, LLC also offers income producing real estate for investors by connecting them with clients of LREE's who're seeking to purchase a home.
Lindo Real Estate Enterprise focuses on providing services for both home buyers and investors.
Services included are:
1. Real Estate Services - Selling Homes, Remodeling Homes, Financing.
2. Real Estate Investment - Investment Properties, In-House Mortgage Financing.

Properties we specialize in include:
? Fixer Upper - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise will find a way to renovate, fix, or remodel your current home for minor repairs to large projects.
? Foreclosure Properties - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise focuses on fixing beat down, rugged foreclosed properties and fine tuning them to perfection for greater market value. We buy foreclosed properties and work with investors to remodel, repair, sell, or purchase.
? Duplex - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise remodels and fixes all types of duplexes. A duplex is a building that's separated but connected through a structure.
? Triplex - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise also focuses on triplexes as well. A triplex is a building that's separated by 3 home structures that are all interconnected.
? Fourplex - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise specializes in renovating Fourplexes and turning them from old to new. A fourplex is a building that's separate by 4 other home structures that are all interconnected.
? Single Family Homes - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise makes single family homes our specialty. We offer services in remodeling, renovating, quick fixes, home purchasing, financing, and investing.
? Rehab Homes - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise has had a history of working with rehab homes. Our specialties allow us to focus on renovating all different types of properties ranging from various shapes and sizes.
? Flipping Homes - Lindo Real Estate Enterprise purchases homes for cheap, fixes them up, rents them out, provides them to LREE clients that are seeking to purchase a home, or sells it to investors.

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