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Jarred Minieri's Answers

Trying to refinance an underwater mortgage in Silver Spring, MD
Unfortunately if you are in negative equity position and you don't currently have a Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA or VA Loan, refinancing it will not be possible. Your only and best option (which I know you tried) is to try and attempt something with the current lender. If the loan is held by your...
How soon can I refinance after getting a loan modification?
Hi, Just to further both responses you have received so far. It will matter how/if your current serciver has been reporting. It may be worth while to pull your own credit report, and you can indeed pull all 3 credit bureau's yourself. Although I will caution, you may not necessarily see the same...
How much can I get out of a cash out refinance?
Typically whatever your home appraises for, you can borrow up to 85% of that appraised value.
I have 656 credit score, several years work history why can't I get a home loan
That's a great question. I'd ask the same thing. It's certainly not your credit score or your employment it seems. What are you being told is the reason? Have you been turned down by a lender?
Exceptions to FHA 2-year employment rule???
Hi, Sorry you are getign conflicting information. But the fact of the matter is that you are not required to have a 2 year employment history when applying for any loan, nonetheless an FHA loan. That said yes we do ask for a 2 year employment history, but that has no basis on your approval. The 2 year rule...
FHA to VA Loan Refinance options???
Hello, I am the Branch Manager of a Federal Savings Bank Licensed in all 50 states and am located local to Warwick (Seekonk M.A.) From what you are describing so far it seems like you would be a good candidate for a Veterans (V.A.) Loan which we specialize in. This would provide you with a very low rate compared...
do u work with me while im in chapter 13 bankruptcy?
Yes we do. Althoguh you will need to meet a few requirements as everyone has already stated below. Also, are you looking to purchase a new home or refinance your existing home? I am a local lender here in Seekonk, MA. If you'd like to speak further, feel free to give me a ring @ (866) 640-5513. Jarred.
Will a quit claim deed remove my wife completely from the mortgage after divorce?
Did you both take out the mortgage loan together or was it just taken in your name?
what are commercial loans for office building purchase
Hi Thomas, My bank does commercial lending in CT. If you'd like some help please feel free to give me a call @ 866-640-5513. We have a specialist with over 30 years experience in commercial lending in Connecticut that would be happy to assist you. Thanks,Jarred.
Bought home 5% down. Newly renovated. Can i cancel PMI?
Jim, With an FHA loan, the mortgage insurance would be on there for 11 years regardless of the value or downpayment, even if you had put 20% down. MI cannot be "removed" on an FHA loan earlier like it can be on a conventional loan. This should have been explained to you (I hope that it was) when you purchased...
Appraiser not taking add-on into account
Craig, While you can always have a 2nd appraisal, I would imagine that your realtor whom you are planning on listing the house with would be able to pull up comparable sales and give you a very good estimate what your home is worth and could sell for. That said, yes the market is rebounding, but, you also...
Does it make sense to make additional payments when you have a FHA loan?
Hi Casey, Making additional payments towards principal will reduce the balance and term of any loan. But just to clarify a point. If you have slightly older FHA loan (meaning your case # on your FHA loan was pulled prior to June 2013) your mortgage insurance would be scheduled to come off once you reach a...
Which credit score do lenders need?
Hi Lance, If you are applying for a loan by yourself, the middle credit score will be the one that is used. If you are applying for the loan jointly with someone else, the lower of the 2 middle credit scores is the one that will be used.
what kind of credit score should i have for an investment purchase?
A 703 should be perfectly fine for that scenario. I am a local lender here in Seekonk MA and as a property investor myself, I particularly specialize in Investment Property loans. If you'd like some more info and to chat, feel free to give me a ring @ (866) 640-5513 or email: jarred@betterfinancing...
best option for mortgage and bad credit wife?
Only if you want to work on getting her credit score into an acceptable range over the next few weeks first.
How do I make my payment smaller
The only way to make the payment smaller would be some sort of modification to your existing loan or to refinance it. Without knowing all the specifics, it's impossible to tell you which would be better. You would also need to look out for any potential negative reporting that would come about as a result...
dissolution of joint mortgage pre-divorce
Hello, Yes, there is a way (possibly, depends on circumstances) I am a lender located right in Seekonk. If you'd like to give me a ring to discuss further please feel free. (866) 640-5513 Jarred.
closing cost assistance for rhose island residents!
Hi Justin, My bank does offer $0 closing cost options for purchase loans. There are also a few other options as well to reduce or even eliminate having to pay closing costs out of pocket. If you'd like more information, fell free to give me a ring. I am located right in Seekonk and do loans throughout MA and RI. ...

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