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Jason Hutton's Answers

i would like to get a loan, but I don't carry credit cards, never have. Is there another way to show creditworthiness? Any lenders specialize in these kinds of loans?
Most lenders should be able to help you with this. there are a couple of programs out there that would still allow you to qualify for a loan. We have closed a few loans at my office based on you situation. If you have any questions or want to get started just email me at Good luck.
If my home is appraised at $100,000. what is the percent of the appraised value that a loan can be granted.Age 70, youngest owner
There may be a few factors that affect this depending on your situation and the purpose of the loan. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.take care, Jason
Options after foreclosure? Excellent credit.
I can definitely help you. I would definitely suggest finding a family member to co-sign for you. This will make it possible for you to qualify for the loan. Consistent employment for the last 2 years is also a must have in order to get qualified. However if you have both of these. There is a good possibility of...
Jumbo loan with 670 middle score needed.
I will need to know more information. First is the loan for a purchase or is it for a refinance. Are you a first time home buyer? And what is your work history like, have you been at the same job for awhile. It might be possible to do a loan with that score. There just are a lot of other factors that have to be...
Who pays for the appraisal on a refinance?
Hello Jessica, the Borrower applying for the refinance pays for the appraisal.
Is there a governing body that protects home buyers when working with mortgage lenders?
Good Afternoon, yes there is a governing body that looks out for the public. it is called the CFPB and they can be found easily on-line.

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