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Jason Guerin's Answers

Can you turn a VA loan into a conventional loan?
Yes, it is possible to refinance the VA loan to a Conventional loan freeing up your eligibility with the VA. We'd have to look at the new loan amount compared to the appraised value but may even be able to consolidate both the VA loan and second mortgage into one new conventional loan. Another option...
Should I lock my rate?
I would lock now to be safe. I have several banks that we use so can always relock if rates improve but locking in something now would gaurantee you are covered in the event rates get slightly worse. Email me at and I can also send you some info on what rates are doing and keep you...
Reverse Mortgage Lenders in New Orleans
Danielle at my office can help you. 225-663-2500 is the office number. Area Home Lending, www.AreaHomeLending.comThanks so much, Jason
Can I get a cash out refinance on a rental property to use as funds for a down payment?
Yes, you can do a cash out loan on your rental property up to 70% of the value. Those funds can be used to put down on another property as long as you qualify, debt to income wise and credit score for both loans. Jason Guerin / Area Home Lending
best mortgage for 1st time buyer with little credit
Give me a shout when you can (Jason at Area Home Lending in Baton Rouge) We do loans all over Lafayette. We can use an alternate form of pay history for credit in addition to what you already have. For instance, car insurance, rent, cell phone, etc.

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