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10 + years in the mortgage industry in Fairfield County. I am a home owner with a mortgage. I was shocked to learn I had many mortgage options available to me - and would have saved abut $75,000 over 10 years - if my mortgage officer had made me aware of my options and how important financial planning was with regard to a mortgage. I mad a promise to myself that my customers would be aware of and informed of the mortgage options available to them - and the financial implications of their choices. I am a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist; I am qualified to help you accomplish your financial goals by implementing intelligent mortgage, cash flow and home equity strategies. Mortgage Planners are also bound to follow a strict code of ethics as part of our CMPS training and certification. I am a member of the National Association of Responsible Loan Officers, a team member of Independent Women Homeowners Fairfield CT, and on the board of many local charities.

A prequalification letter generally states that you have spoken with a loan officer, verbally given them your financial information and once your information is verified it is most likely you will be issues a mortgage...
The Most Frequently asked mortgage question - My rate is 7% and I am 12 years into a 30 year fixed, should I refinance? Two important questions to ask the borrower 1. Do you want to pay off the loan in 18 years or less? 2. Do...

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