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John B. Craig's Answers

II have a double wide mobile home with a mortgage left owed on it, how do I sell it?
Either contact a realtor or advertise in the newspaper, Craigslist, Ebay, etc. Is it in a park or on a lot?
Can you provide some private lenders in Georgia ?
CTC Mortgage LLC, located in Gainesville, GA, but lend anywhere in GA or FL.
Are there any type of programs to get current on mortgage payments
It is best to speak to your lender and find out if they have such a program for your mortgage.
What is the best way to finance renovations in a primary residence bought cash in Atlanta?
You can take a mortgage on the property to cover the cost of the renovations. I would be happy to answer any additional questions or provide the financing you seek. Just contact me at 678-943-2722. Thanks for your inquiry.
What is likelihood of getting a cashout refinance with a credit score of 615
You should be able to obtain financing through FHA. I AM licensed and located in GA and would be happy to discuss with you. You can contact me at 678-943-2722.
will home inspection cost be rolled into the buyer's fees?
Appraisal fees are typically part of closing costs. If you wish to have an independent inspection that is usually paid separately, but you could borrow enough to cover that expense also.
on a conventional mortgage purchase at 85% LTV can the realtor give up their commission to the borrower towards the purchase of the property
Only if the Realtor was a close relative of the borrower, since it would be considered a gift.
I think my grandmother has been a victim of Predatory lending practices
You should check with customer service at her lender and inquire as to why there was a change.

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