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Jeff Heidtmann's Answers

I need a conventional loan 2 years after chapter 7 since f
You are only qualified for an FHA loan, if it has only been 2 yrs since BKJeff
Should i be preapproved (or prequalified - not sure what the diff is) before visiting open houses
Yes you should be this way you know what price homes you should be looking at.Give me a call 860-836-6952, I am right in CT I would be glad to help you outJeff Heidtmann
do conventional mortgages have pmi insurance?
Yes if you are putting down less than 20% you will have some sort of Mortgage Insurance, The amount you pay will depend on how much you are putting down , your credit score and qualifying ratios. If you would like to call me at 860-836-6952 I would be glad to explain the process in greater detail based on...
is it possible to do a conventional loan for a condo at 95% LTV?
Some lenders can do the 95% Loan to value as long as the condo questionnaire comes back with the correct responses, mainly owner occupancy rate that is the number of units which are owner occupied VS rented, not more than one owner does nOT own more than 10% of the units, there are some other questions...
what credit score is needed for a reverse mortgage
There is no minimum credit scoreWe are a local mortgage banker in CT would be glad to have one of our specialist contact you
I donot have a fha home but can i do a 203k streamline refi?
Absolutely Call me 860-836-6952 I have an office right in CT and specialize in the 203k Mortgage
Is there anyway to get a prequalification letter without pulling my credit? I have a credit report that I pulled myself 2 months ago.
Yes I am a Connecticut Lender, I could review your documentation credit report, pay-stubs, W-2's and other documentation that might be needed. I would put in the pre-qualification letter that it would be subject to a new updated credit report before issuing a pre-approval letter for a purchase of a...
first time homebuyer interested in a FHA loan. Can we have less than 20 percent down?
Yes you can we even have a FHA program and we will give you the down payment (grant) Call me I am in Columbia CT 860-836-6952Jeff Heidtmann
Almost 2 years into a chapter 13 bankruptcy and looking to refinance my home.
Have you made all your chapter 13 debts on time if so give me a call860-836-6952 Jeff Heidtmann

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