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Jennifer Wilson's Answers

My wife foreclosed. I was removed from title in 2006. Can I get an FHA Loan
Yes, you are fine as long as you weren't on the mortgage with your wife. Credit score is good.
Hi Dorothy, You have to wait four years for a conventional loan. If you use FHA financing the wait time is only two years.
What do you estimate my mortgage rate will be with 15% down and 690 credit score?
Hello,Based on this score of 690 using conventional financing 4.25%. At 4.875% you receive a lender credit for closing cost of 2.4135.
i have an fha mortgage can i do a VA refi?
Yes, you can... Call me for more information.Jennifer WlsonMountain West Financial 2641-003
hard money refi ladera ranch ca
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Hello, I own my home free and clear and I need a loan. How can I go ( not us citizen)
Hi, Do you currently have a visa that is valid for two years? There are many more questions that need to be answered. But yes, there is a chance you can qualify for a home loan. Call me to discuss futher. Good luck!
I'm Cece and make 42,375 a year.I have excellent credit and want a house in Imperial ca for 200k. Do I qualify on for this type?
Hi Cece,I noticed your email address is fire captain. I have a down payment assistance program especially for fire fighters, police officers and teachers. Call me today for more information. (951) 264-1003.
I'm going to buy a house by FHA loan, the problem is that the seller is asking for 5 months lease back. Is it possible to do so and lease the house back to seller for 5 months after closing?
Hello,FHA requires that you move into the home within 60 days after the close of escrow. The seller could only lease back to you for two months and not five. Call me if you have more questions or concerns. Jennifer Wilson 951 264-1003
how fast can we get approved for an FHA Loan in Southern CA?
Hello,I can get you approved within 48 hours. Call me..Jennifer Wilson 9512641003
I am in need of a Jumbo loan for 620k, but I have a current DTI of 49%. Are there lenders that will accommodate this type of situation?
HI Kevin,Perhaps paying off debt to lower the dti....Is this an option? Call Jennifer Wilson to discuss...Mountain West Financial 951 264-1003

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