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Our mission is to shed some light on a subject that most bankers and lenders are not willing to discuss. We are here to improve your credit score. We are not a credit repair company, we are loan officers.

A credit repair company will charge a monthly charge of $49-$99 per month to dispute negative accounts. They will pull a credit report and attack all negative items on your credit report. They will dispute every collection, charge off, and late payment on your report by sending out dispute letters to all 3 credit bureaus for every account.
This means that if you have 10 negative accounts reporting to all 3 credit bureaus they will send out 30 letters. Once the letters go out they wait 30 days and see how many accounts were deleted and/or updated. The following month, they do it all over again. This process is repeated for as long as you continue to pay them. The longer it takes the more money they make.

The truth is that they don't know which accounts have an impact on your score so they just dispute them all. The result is that if certain accounts are updated this will actually drop your score!
Although there are about 20 techniques for improving credit, most credit repair companies will only focus on disputing accounts. Most people that have a low credit score never need to dispute items on their credit to get a home loan. Sometimes paying a collection account off may increase your score over 100 points, but paying off the wrong collection could drop the score by 40 points.
As a loan officer, when I think of credit repair, I think about the fastest way that I can get someone to a target credit score for pre approval. Most of the clients that I work with want to buy a house within 30 days and sometimes they are already under contract, so I have to choose my technique carefully.

When I meet with a client I will put together a plan specifically for their situation. Very rarely do I get 2 people that need to do the same thing. Here are some questions I will ask:
How much time do we have to fix your credit score?
How many points do we need to raise your score?
How much money do you have for down payment and to settle negative accounts?
What accounts should we attack first?
Which negative accounts are affecting your score the most?
Our goal is to get a pre approval within 30-60 days. I review the plan with the client and make sure they are clear on my recommendations.
If you have been on a credit repair program for several months you may need to review your strategy.
Please call us directly at 480-339-1564 for a free analysis of your credit situation. In 95% of the cases we review, there are just a few very simple steps that are needed to get your credit to a qualifying level. Only a small portion of the time will you need full time assistance to repair your credit. Let our experts evaluate and put a step by step plan together for you for FREE.

We get dozens of calls daily from customers that have been turned down by the big banks when they qualify for a mortgage from us the same day!

Don't waste your time and money getting turned down and being disappointed at closing. Call us first for a free evaluation of your options!

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