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My customers needs are what drives my actions! I am fortunate to be able to serve people in one of their most importandt times of their lives with one of the most important decisoins they will make.

If I am a faithful steward of that charge, I look forward to the simple rewards of: "Well Done".

With over 18 years experience in Mortgage Banking, I have worked with large lenders, such as Wells Fargo and with smaller lenders, such as Bank of Texas.

At Gateway Mortgage Group, I am able to bring the best of those worlds togehter, working with a company that is dedicated to doing the right thing for their customers, supporting their employees to accomplish that and to do so in a great family environment.

All products, conventional and goverment: FHA, VA, USDA Rural, and Jumbo Loans are available.

Processing in our local office, gives us up to date information on your loan and hands on opportunity to address any needs.

I'm a father of two girls and one boy and the proud Grandfather to be of our first Grandchild!

Call me, email or text me to begin a Pre Application Consultation. Let's explore to make sure I have what you need for your loan and you are comfortable trusting me with such an important task!

Jim Inzer


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