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I've been closing mortgage loans on time at the lowest possible rates for over 14 years. Give me a call and find out how I can help you! (317) 507-5494

I have two goals as a mortgage loan originator:

  1. Make sure you get the best rate and lowest costs available
  2. Make sure that you completely understand and are well-informed of all your options

I promise to speak English! I will NEVER use mortgage terminology that you do not understand. And if I do, then I will explain it to you!

Here's some more info about me.

After a 4 year financial struggle with my new Italian restaurant, we finally turned the corner and started turning a profit. With this new income I could now buy a larger home and the process of being mistreated, misinformed, and almost ripped off in my financing led me to a new career.

After directly experiencing what would later be called "predatory lending" I researched the mortgage industry and went to work for a friend of mine as a mortgage loan originator with a commitment to talk to my clients in regular terms not using confusing mortgage jargon.

My goal today 14 years later, is still make sure my client #1 Gets the best rate and costs available and # 2 that they understand and are informed of all there options and will not use mortgage terms that intimidate and confuse borrowers.

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