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Jim Marcinkowski's Answers

Help..Can we cancelled the escrow and started another loan application through another agent for 7/1.
Depending on many factors, closing costs and how long you are going to keep the house, may not make sense to refinance from a 5.375% to 5%. Make sure your loan officer gives you comparison savings of different types of loans to see what the saving differences are and the risks associated with adjustable...
What is a good average down payment there days? for the best rate possible?
And it also depends on whether you qualify for a USDA or VA home loan. These are 100% financing, no money down required.
Can my husband and I purchase a home at a decent rate with a 565 credit score?
Your question is not easy to answer in simple terms. It is highly unlikely that you will find a "decent rate" with a 565 credit score. You need to talk with a mortgage professional. The mortgage professional needs to know the dynamics of your financial situation and why your score is a 565. There...
Interest rate based on LTV rate with new Harp 2 program
HARP 2 specific guidelines have not been entirely implemented. What Stephen and Bert have said is valid. The other factor is what type of mortgage you presently have. Based on your question we all assume that's it's owned by FNMA or Freddie. You need to talk to a professional who can provide you...
reverse mortgage lenders
Inlanta Mortgage is a Reverse Mortgage Lender. 239-936-4232.
Can I be preapproved with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2009 and a credit score of 603?
Ms. Young, I would suggest you pay down your credit card to $100. This will increase your credit score to a more acceptable level. You will want you score at 640 or above. Your bankruptcy will need to be discharged for 3 years. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me at...
What is the maximum dti ratio's for conventional mortgage loans?
Typically it tops out at 45% with the new regulations. It really depends on your personal financial situation.
We are trying to do a 90% LTV jumbo purchase loan in naples florida. Is that possible or we have to put 20% down?
Indeed it can Jeff. I'm a Lender in that area. I can assist you with this. I can be reached at the contact at
I would liketo get a prequlifed to purchase a home
Hi Patricia,I can assist you with this. I can be reached at 239-936-4232.Jim Marcinkowski
Reputable va loan lender in Florida
As a fellow Veteran and Loan Officer with extensive VA experience, I can assist you and I'm located in Florida, 239-936-4232. I'm also affiliated with Homes For Heroes and I can discuss the advantages of this program.
Car payments and loan qualification
For most mortgages, the payments would be disregarded.

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