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Jonathan Jerotz's Answers

I make 130k a year but my credit is a 530 can I get a home loan with a low credit score
There is financing for you available down to a 500 middle Fico score but you will just need to make sure the parameters of the financing are what you are looking for and you can meet the guidelines for approval. For example a 30% down payment will be need at a minimum and depending on why your score is that...
I have a home current value $850000 with a first at $231000 4% interest and a home equity loan at 289000 can I combine them
Hello, yes, you can combine them into one new loan however if the line of equity was not taken out when you purchased the home, the refinance would be considered a cash out refinance and can change the dynamics of the new loan. If the heloc was taken out when you purchased the home, you would be able to...

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