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Jennifer McCormick's Answers

We are approved for a traditional refi but the loan fell thru because of no comps.
Suziel, there are a few unknowns and variables here that limits giving you a more specific and informative answer. The type of loan you currently have is a good question, also what type of loan product are you trying to refinance into? What is the acerage and what is it used for?
Is it possible to get a HARP refinance with a discharged bankruptcy?
HI VWiggin, It's hard to give a specific and informative answer without knowing more details. The short answer is YES, if your answers fit the right mold! :) It's 2 -4 yrs from the discharge date depending on other variables...I would also recommend talking to someone local about your options. ...
when might HARP 3 pass?
Unfortunately it's not a simple answer, we are at the mercy of Congress! No one knows. My two cents are that if and when it does pass, rates will have risen and then you are losing the benefit anyway. I would recommend talking to a lender to find out what programs you might qualify for now to take...
Can I get a residential mortgage rate on commercial property used only for primary residence?
Yes as Mandy said, if the property is zoned commercial it will not qualify for residential financing. I have a referral source that does commercial lending right here in Sun Prairie, which is where I am also located...She does commercial owner occupied financing all day long and have very competetive...
Wondering where to start I inherited my home so I own it with no loan I have a poor credit score help in WI
Hi Karen. I agree with the other comments. Let the lender determine "poor" credit. It may not be as "poor" as you think. :) I am a local lender here in Sun Prairie. If you would like additional advice or recommendations I'd be happy to help. Please feel free to contact me. Jenn

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