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Joshua Nawrot's Answers

How to choose between VA, FHA and Conventional mortgage?
You call Josh (VP of Lending) with Northern Mortgage.I will walk you though all the options. :)P: 616-581-0540
Can I take out a loan if I am building my own house?
Hey Julie,Yes there are differences. Purchasing a lot and then building falls under a "Conventional Construction Loan" which most lenders require about 10% down. The nice thing about building is you get exactly what you want (ie colors, design, fixtures, flooring, ect.) Purchasing an existing home...
Should I refi to a fixed rate mortgage?
Yes, absolutely! With rates only climbing up now is the time to lock into a fixed before they climb to much more.
What is the credit score necessary to get a mortgage
For most lenders it is 640. Be careful of some of the "under 640" lenders as there can be substantial cost and increases to your interest rate. In most cases it is best to work on your credit score to get it higher and then apply. We have a great tool called a credit score analyzer that could help point you in the...
Recently returned home from overseas, considering a VA loan. Too good to be true.. any disadvantages to the loan?
Afternoon! First off thank you for serving our country! We are a local West Michigan Mortgage Company and would love to chat with you on VA Home Loan options with you. VA is an incredible mortgage product with all of the advantages (zero down, no PMI, ect) and none of the disadvantages. Feel free to reach...
just relocated to MI, looking for a house, but haven't been at the new job for 2 years. Can I still buy?
Absolutely! 30 days on the job is all that is needed. Call me directly and I will be happy to assist.Sincerely,Joshua J. NawrotVice President of LendingNorthern Mortgage8375 Ridgestone Dr SWGrand Rapids, Michigan 49513Office: 616-277-1199Cell: 616-581-0540
I have fixed a 30 years fixed mortgage rate at 4.5% last month with a one-time right to exercise a float down.
Yes! Rates dipped a little in the last few days. Take advantage of it while you can.
I need a mortgage but I had a foreclosure in 2011. I have credit scores over 700. Where can I get a mortgage?
Yes absolutely! Feel free to connect with me today. We are a Local Michigan Mortgage Lender and happy to help. Joshua Nawrot - Vice President - Northern Mortgage - 616-581-0540.

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