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Joe LaVallie's Answers

can a single man who has a good job get a home improvement loan ????
Yes as long as your credit is in the ok range. Go here for home improvement loan information
Can I get a home loan with less than 6 months on the job?
FHA does not set a minimum time that you have to have a job. The undewriter will evaluate the likelihood of your income continuing as the most important aspect. If you could qualify on your income I would think you have an excellent chance at a loan. If you need your husband's unemployment insurance...
time share ownership and credit
I have seen different financing structures, especially in foreign timeshares. I would suggest that you research the specific contract that you are considering.
get a loan after bankruptcy
The followining is for Chapter 13 bankruptcy only: Conventional loan:2 years from the discharge date, or4 years from the dismisssal dateFHA/VAAcceptable with 12 month acceptable payment history of the bankruptcy and permission from the court. Credit must be re-established outside of the...
When are brokers required to release GFE and TIL
The credit report and loan application are the triggers. You should already have the documents. Call the manager.
qualify for loan, too young
As long as you are old enough to enter a contract in your state AGE can not be used as a qualifying standard unless you are applying for a home equity conversion mortgage.
Do you have to be 62 years old to get a Reverse Mortgage
Thanks for your question. Yes, the youngest borrower in a Reverse Mortgage must be 62 or older to be on Title in a Reverse Mortgage. It's NEVER a good idea to do the Reverse and leave the other spouse off Title as it puts them in a very bad position if the spouse on Title passes and there is NEVER any...
Should I buy an investment property?
I agree with everything Mortgagelenderpro stated. I am licensed in Washington and would be able to answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to call me at 206-743-4722

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