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Joe Becker's Answers

could i go zero down for VA with a 620 credit score?>
Yes. Call me any time today to discuss your options. Toll Free - 866-680-2840 ext.
best loan scenario for bad credit?
Yes, we can help you obtain financing figures. Are you a first time homebuyer by chance? Also, we will look at simple credit repair to quickly improve your score if need be. We have a variety of programs that could work. We are a WI lender and would be more than happy to work with you! Toll Free: 866-680-2840,...
First time home buyer questions
Do you own a home or property in MN that we could draw money from for a down payment on that property?
can i refi a second home i purchased 7 months ago?
Yes we can help you out! Call toll free 866-680-2850 ext 15 and we can go over some options that suit your needs. WI Lender, NMLS 106720Thank you!
how far away does a second property need to be to qualify as a "second home"
We don't have a specific requirement, it just needs to make sense. We will run pre-approval numbers for you and get a better idea if you qualify for 2nd home financing. I am very familiar with the Madison area and also have a lake home in northern WI. Would be glad to help you out! 866-680-2840 Ext. 15 or...
Are there interest only loans available in MN??
Yes! Shoot me a call and we can discuss some options!jbecker@progressivels.com651-636-2840
How soon is first mortgage payment?
Most likely yes. Depending on how much prepaid interest is set up on the loan at close. But yes, 30-45 days generally.
I have bad credit and I am behind 2 month on my loan I want to refiance my loan to a30 yr. loan can I do this and were should I tr
Hello Mark, we will certainly look at the options for you. If we cannot do anything right now, we will put you on a plan to get your credit back up to par so we can get you done! Call me anytime today. Thanks!
It seems to me as the mortgage rates have a downward trend. AM I correct?
Yes, we have seen a positive swing with interest rates over the past 7-10 days due to wall street indications.
About how much do I need to put down on a property I intend to rent out
There could be options with a conventional type rehab loan, but due to being an investment type property you may be limited to 80% LTV. We will look at some additional loan products when you call. Thanks!
what's the minimum credit score required for an fha 5/1 arm?
We really don't have a minimum credit score for FHA, but circumstances follow. Give me a call and we will see what we can do for you Maureen. Thanks!
I currently have a credit score of 747 and my interest rate is still higher than the local average. Why?
Hello Derek, I would shop around a bit before locking into any agreement. Most likely you find better pricing than the local average by shopping a bit more. I will be available for a call all day. Thanks!
could i get construction financing with 95% LTV anywhere?
Most likely you will run into problems trying to find 95% LTV Construction financing. But, we may have an option that will work depending on if you currently own the land that you are going to build on. Contact me anytime today. Thanks 866-680-2840
If the house you are renting is about to go into foreclosure can you try to buy it?
This could turn into a great opportunity for you, no doubt. If the sheriff sale has not occurred, then you should be able to work a deal out to by this home now. If the sheriff sale has occurred, then you still may be able to purchase the home, but will work in a different channel. Call me any time and we can...
What's the lowest credit score you can have for a rural development loan?
Our Danbury, WI office will look at 620+ scores for this program. Are you looking to purchase in the Hayward area? Great program, give us a call! 715-656-4500 or 866-680-2840
loan for adding handicap accessibility?
Reverse Mortgage is an option, but you may have some better choices available to get a very, very low payment. Especially for the amount you are looking at. Doing a Reverse Mortgage may not be the best for you in this situation. I will be available all day for a call. Thanks!
My mortgage is only 27,000 and there was no option for that
You sure should have options Chris, some lenders do have loan size limits but others don't. Call me any time and we can discuss! Thanks!
Ca you purchase a home with someone even if you're not married?
Not a problem and you also may qualify for some no money down programs! Call me any time, thanks!
gross or net income considered for mortgage
We will look at what you have and come up with income ratio eligibility. You will be surprised as to what you may qualify for, especially since our rates are very low right now. We are right here in St. Paul, give me a call at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

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