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Articles by Joe Metzler

7 Deadly Sins Committed by Home Sellers
The time has come to sell your home - congratulations! Sadly, I still see a lot of people make the same mistakes that result in  the process being unnecessarily difficult. By keeping these catastrophies in mind and doing your best to avoid them, selling your home should be...

Articles Contributed to by Joe Metzler

Can I get an FHA Loan after Bankruptcy or Foreclosure?
For borrowers with bad credit, qualifying for a home loan can seem like a daunting task, especially following a credit-damaging event such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, or short sale. . FHA Loan After a BankruptcyMany people wonder if they can get an FHA home loan after a...
Can I Get a Home Loan after Bankruptcy?
If you have filed for bankruptcy in the past, and want to know if you can still purchase a home, the answer in short is: generally yes. The bigger question is how long after the bankruptcy do you have to wait before you apply for a new financing?. Most new mortgage loans will require a...
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