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Hello and thank you for reading my profile. My name is Joe Snow and I have been involved in rersidential and commercial lending since 2001. I make it a point to help my clients and have them make an educational decision based on their short or long term needs. Each person has different wants and needs. We evaluate and customize your scenario to help you get there. Whether it is a short term need (cash out) or long term (having your home paid off by retirement) , we are here to help. We don't have outrageous, unnecessary, or junk fees. We keep it simple to help everyone understand and keep them coming back to us. Since people don't refinance all of the time, it is important that you remain a client and referral source. The economy is everyday changing along with the home mortgage world. Programs come and go and rates teter daily. We make sure that you keep real expectations and we all come out winners!

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