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John Rowley was a Mortgage Loan Originator in Dover, DE. John is a 20+ year veteran of the mortgage industry. His mission is to serve all those who aspire to achieve and sustain home ownership.Being a top salesperson has always been important to John. Whether you are a first time buyer, investment property owner, a home seller or someone who wants to use their mortgage to convert wealth to capital, John provides the answers that clients can put to work for their family finances. In addition to consulting with clients about mortgage solutions, John also has many debt settlement/elimination and credit repair solutions to offer.

What Makes Up a Credit Score Ever wonder what happens when a potential lender requests your credit score? First, they send a request to a credit bureau, and they receive a report. This report will include: Your nameYour...
What Makes Up a Credit Score The good news: you took the advice of all the financial experts and checked your credit score. The bad news: your score is lower than you would like. If you find yourself looking at a low score,...

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