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John Ussery MLO: 275504's Answers

Underwriter says NO
Assuming this is a short sale puchase that you are in contract on: The bank will take their sweet time approving the short sale but then once approved they will want their money ASAP. It's like wait wait wait then rush rush rush. If your first lender turns down the loan you will be at risk for loosing...
What do i need to qualify for a no cost refinance and is it really no cost or just added to the loan?
Hey Gary,Yes, You can get a no or low cost loan. Lenders will give you a lender credit to pay or offset closing costs. Historically loans payoff through refi or sale of property every 7.2 years. Since lenders are paid off so quickly the lender credit has to be recovered within 5-6 years for it to make sense to...
Should i be a co-borrower for a home loan with my fiance if my credits better than hers?
Co-borrowers own property as equally as the primary buyer so it doesn't matter if you are borrower or co-borrower. You do not need to be married or even living together to buy a home. You can buy property 50/50 with anyone you would like.John Ussery(916) 223-1003 cell
If I pay off my truck loan and 2 credit cards off,how much will that raise my score?
If you're thinking about buying a house in California then I can tell you exactly what to do to raise your credit report score. I have addtional reports I provide at no cost to prove the results. Give me a ring at (916) 223-1003 for details.California loans only though.Thx,John

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