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As a successful business woman and a 20 year veteran to the mortgage industry, Jessika continues to excel in her mortgage career where she loves helping her clients understand how mortgage financing really works as well as her recent promotion as Business Development Manager for Evergreen Home Loans. She has four children that consist of beautiful daughters - one in college and one in high school as well as two athletic boys that are in middle and elementary school. You don't know whether to admire her or feel sorry for her because of her busy schedule BUT one conversation with Jessika will make you feel certain that you will be taken care of before, during and after the financing of your home.

Jessika is a nationally honored Mortgage Specialist, Previous Business Coach, and a founding member and serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Responsible Loan Officers (NARLO) as well as Vice President of Idaho's Chapter for The National Association of Professional Mortgage Women. As an originator, Jessika specializes in helping families buy homes with little or no money down EVEN if they have had credit problems such as bankruptcies, foreclosures or credit counseling. She is one of Idaho's Leading Mortgage Experts.

Jessika is also one of Idaho's "Accomplished 40 Under 40," an honor awarded in 2004 by Idaho's Business Review. She and her husband were also featured in Money Magazine for successfully extending their financial management philosophy to their home and family. Money Magazine editors selected them for the cover story of Money's 25th silver anniversary edition.

Jessika married the LOVE of her life, Eric Ondrick who is the former Independent Business Advisor for Glazer-Kennedy's in the state of Idaho and a Serial Entrepreneur. They love spending time at their cabin, boating and anything else that involves being with their children.

She LOVES to cook, in which she curses and blames for the 10 lb fluctuation in her weight but says "Eating eclairs are worth every ounce or pound I gain." Fortunately, Jessika also enjoys running, swimming and other extra curricular activities.

On a more personal side, Jessika possesses integrity, sincerity and credibility. She is a reliable friend, great mother and a devoted wife.

Jessika Ondrick is My Mortgage Banker For Life!
I wanted to let Idaho know that one of the finest Loan Professionals lives right here in Boise. Jessika has been our families Loan Officer for many years now. Whether we just have a simple question or need an honest answer about financing, she is the only one we call. (even before our bank, cpa or financial planner) We really do appreciate her expertise about mortgages. Buying and selling real estate can be daunting but having Jessika as our Loan Officer has always made it enjoyable. We know she is honest, competitive and knowledgeable and that's why we endorse her name and work.Lana
By mamala_413_590 on November 14, 2011
Professional and Knowledgeable To a T
I have done several loans and referred many friends to Jessika because she really is the best in her field. I've appreciated the expertise and knowledge she possesses and wouldn't use anyone else.If you want reliable service and someone you can trust in the mortgage industry then Jessika Ondrick should be your first choice.My wife and I know that she will always take care of us and our family when it comes to our financing needs PLUS she is an outstanding mother and wife which I think is important to recognize in professionals.Many Thanks and Highest Regards,Randy and Elaine R.
By randy1_663_263 on October 27, 2011
Long Time Friend and Peer
I have known Jessika now for many years. I have watched and admired her professionalism, dedication and passion and seen how aggressive she is when it comes to the things she wants. I believe that her aggressiveness and passion is what has made her successful. With her work and her family and friends she always wants the best. She works harder then any one I have ever seen to make sure to assure that they have the things they need. I wish I had the same dedication and drive that she does. I believe that this will be a true benefit to anyone she ever works for. They to will have the things that they want and she will be the one that will help them achieve that. Becky
By bmckni_898_810 on October 26, 2011
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