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Joseph Parker's Answers

V.A. loan with charge off on credit report
Agreed - should not be an issue -
Can I get down payment assistance for a conventional loan?
Yes - Home at last program - but there are limitations -.
Hello, I am looking for a mortgage loan to refinance my motel and pay off the existing lender" City National Bank"$384000.00
Mark,Are mixed use on this ( primary residence)? Or just the motel? Have a few more questions - So if you like give me a call - (702) 482-8421Joe ParkerNorth American Financial
can i use HARP on a VA loan?
A simple VA IRRRL - is your best option. Any number of lenders have it. -
Have a mortgage loan that was not reaffirmed 11 years ago on a chapter 7.Is there lenders that would accept va refinancing?
I think most people are missing the nail instead of hitting it on the head. If this was a loss to the VA - I am assuming it was since not being reaffirmed - that part of your guarantee is goneJoseph Parker
what is typical amount of time to close an SBA loan for a commercial building?
90 Days - though can be shorter - usually longer if anything.
what should down payment be on a 900,000 purchase of commercial building?
Actually depends on the type of building to start with. Multi-family, strip mall, office bldg., Industrial warehouse? Then you have owner/user etc? It gets complex especially when you step outside the standard lines such as FNMA, SBA (Government supported entities) or even CRA, then there are...

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