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In becoming one of the top lenders in the nation, Sierra Pacific Mortgage (SPM) also became one of the most widely respected Mortgage Banking Companies in the country. Having weathered economic storms and withstood the test of time, SPM has earned the respect and admiration of our peers while continuing to thrive as an industry leader and maintain our solid reputation of integrity, stability and character. Since 1986 we have been a progressive leader in both wholesale and retail lending offering cutting edge technology, market leading pricing and reliable service. When you examine us, two things are clear. We are here to stay and we are here to serve our customers. Explore our website. Get to know us... and find out how we can serve you too.

I have been serving the Fox Cities area personally for over 15 years and am licensed in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. I am dedicated to the happiness of my customers and to the efficiency and cost savings that I am able to generate for my customers. I specialize in low down payment loans and purchase transactions. Communication is key and I am available 24/7 for my clients. Sierra Pacific Mortgage offers excellent rates for FHA, VA, and USDA loans (all of which have minimal or no downpayment requirements). We have the capability to bank and or broker your loans. Let us show you how competition can be used to secure the best balance of low cost and low rates.

With the technology that is available, it is easier than ever to get your loan approved in the manner in which you expect (quick, cheap, and seamless). I have given countless seminars on credit repair over the last few years and am capable not only to assist you with the correct advice on credit repair, but also we offer CreditXpert services to optimize your credit score and thereby your interest rate. Credit repair is a free service and cannot be charged to the customer. Take advantage of this, we can make sure that your score is the best it can be.

Happy Veteran
Awesome job. Not much more needs to be said than: closed earlier than expected...check, better deal than expected....check, answered all of our questions....check. Keep up the good work.
By brewerfan on January 6, 2014
Best Lender Ever!!
My husband and I were trying to get a loan for a very long time. Josh walked us through what we needed to do and even though we had very challenged credit scores, he was able to figure out a way. I must have called him 50 times throughout the process and he always took the time to answer my questions and put me at ease. I am impressed with his level of service and for him sticking with us. Our scenario was not easy and he not only got us the house, but our payment is much lower than we ever would have thought. Thank you very much for everything you have done for my family.
By AMoore on January 6, 2014
Getting the job done
I was very pleased with the level of service I received. I don't typically write reviews for people, but in this case I feel it is deserved. Josh helped us purchase a home when our existing bank couldn't and wouldn't. He walked us through consolidating our debt with the purchase which allowed us to qualify. This apparently was overlooked by our bank. He was able to get us a better rate than what we were originally quoted and I am simply happy that he was good to his word and in fact improved on it. That is so rare nowadays.
By Tom111 on January 3, 2014

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