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I am the Director of the Internet Lending Division of Gold Star Mortgage. We are the #1 rated Lender on, we have ZERO complaints on the RIP OFF REPORT, we are an INC 500 Company, we have ZERO Better Business Bureau Complaints, and we are owned by the #1 Rated Loan Officer in the Country. This is Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group and this is just a few reasons for doing business with Gold Star.

I have been in the Mortgage Business for 18 years. I owned the largest competitor that competed against Gold Star Mortgage for 13 of those 18 years. I am not a licensed Loan Officer and do not write loans directly, but what I can do for you that make me different, is make sure you are assigned to the right Loan Officer at Gold Star, so you not only get the BEST DEAL, but you receive the best service from a Loan Officer that specializes your specific needs. This can mean assigning you to the most competitive person, like a Manager that is paid a salary, or a Loan Officer that is a specialist in a specific loan type. (Example Self Employed very unusual income situations)

Our Internet Department specializes in 680 + CREDIT SCORE, CONVENTIONAL LOANS. We do all types of loans too, but we have departments specific to your needs. You will be astonished at our NO HASSLE - RATES AND CLOSING COSTS.

I myself will assign you to the BEST MAN FOR THE JOB. This insures you are not dealing with some random Loan Officer that has no specialty or knowledge of how to navigate through the loan process. Based on the new laws under the UNITED STATES FINANCIAL REFORM that every Mortgage Lender MUST OBEY, I am in a special position to make sure you are assigned to THE BEST LOAN OFFICER FOR SPECIFIC TO YOUR NEEDS. This guarantees delivery of the CHEAPEST LOAN TERMS AVAILABLE to you because there is no incentive for me to do anything but help you save money by working with the BEST POSSIBLE LOAN OFFICER FOR THE JOB. Take a chance on what I am describing above and PUT US TO THE TEST US AT GOLD STAR. YOU WILL BE AMAZED!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Jeffrey Caballero - 713-446-6516 -

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