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Jonathan Rhode's Answers

just denied pre-approval... whats next?
The best chance for you is to go with a program that offers alternative credit guidelines So, that we can create the required tradelines for you. Feel free to contact me directly at 877-401-1389 xt 103Regards,Jonathan Rhode
Home loan question - 20% down or FHA????
Hello Heinz-FHA is a great option if you have a high DTI (debt to income ratio) or, you have very little to put down. But, with an FHA loan you will have to absorb into the loan amount 1.75% for the UFMIP and also pay a fairly high monthly MI. Based on what I hear in your question it sounds as if you would like to...
First time home buyer with W-2 question
Marla-I would say the best option for you would be to ad your husband to your good credit, this way he will be given a credit score. Once he has a credit score, you can then look at putting an alternative credit package together so that he will meet the tradeline requirements.If you would like to discuss...
How can I refinance a pick a pay loan on a Wells Fargo rental property? Wells will not give a loan modification.
Judith-You should be able to refinance the loan as long s there are a few key elements in place. First the loan to value on the rental propertywill need to be below 80% if it is an SFR. If the subject property is units, the LTV wil need to be even lower. Next you will need to meet the credit and income qualifing...
what lender will be best for our needs? low fico, short sale and forclosure....
Hello-With the home prices dropping significantly in Riverside County over the past few years I feel there will be some great values to be foundin Corona. So, with that being said your best option would be to qualify on your income alone. The money that you intend on using from your wife's 401k...
Streamline FHA Loand
For an FHA streamline you will need to bring in the lenders requirements to set up the new impound account. This will be based on the tax calender as well as the current status of your homeowners insurance policy. The rest of the fees associated with this loan should be covered in a lender credit. If you...
Type of mortgage for owner occupancy at later date?
Hello MaxlarIf your intentions are not to rent the home out, then it could be purchased as a vacation or 2nd home. As a 2nd home you will qualifyjust as you would for a primary residence. Also,as a 2nd home you will be able to take advantage of the excellent rates that are availableright now.
First time home buyer
If you want to look as solid as possible to a prospective lender I recommend that you do a few things. First thing is to season the funds you will be receiving for 60 days. What I mean by that is once you receive the money you will want to put them into a savings account.The first statement will show the deposit...
HARP 2 Refinance
I agree with BertCar. There is no advantage of going with B of A for this transaction. I personaly have aquired a great deal of business from people who were tired of waiting on B of A to process their paper work. Currently my rate on this program is at 4% so, why would you want to take a rate that is .625% higher to...
Fha and renting out spare apt
You are fine with doing that.. As long as you continue to occupy the condo as your primary residence.
HARP 2 Refinance
Once your loan is ran through the automated system it will be determined if you will need an appraisal or not.
Help! Home financing
HelloYou may want to consider using a non occupant co borrower. Do you have a family member that would be willing to helpyou qualify for the home you are interested in? Once you graduate and have a consistent and higher income you will be able torefinance and take the family member off the loan and title....
Need a VA Refi lender on a Maufactured home in California.
HelloI have an investor that will do VA loans with no overlay. I should be able to help you. Please feel free to contact me or 877-401-1389 xt103
Can I get a reverse mortgage if my home is fully paid for?
Yes, you most definatly can. As long as you are 62 years of age and the home is your primary residence. I am a Reverse Mortgage specialist and am approved in AZ. So, please feel free to contact me I have programs with absolutly no lender or closing or at www...
Refinance Conventional Underwater Loan
You can easily do an FHA loan to 97%loan to value or look at a conventional loan at 95% with MI or even a lender paid MI option. Anyof these ortions will require you to pay down the principle balance. If you would like to discuss these options please give me a callat 877-401-1389 xt103 or email me at...
Can I refi from a 30 year to a 15 year mortgage even though I dont have any equity?
Are you sure that your loan is not with Fannie Mae. The reason I ask is I have a client currently who is in a CAL HFA loan and their loanis with Fannie. If you would like me to check please feel free to contact me at 877-401-1389 xt 103 or email me at Thank you, Jonathan
Taking out a $500K mortgage on a $700K house in Southern California.
Not a problem! You will have many options. Please feel free to contact me at 877-401-1389 xt 103 or at
Is Refinance Possible with a hight LTV?
Feel free to contact me at 877-401-1389 xt 103 or . I have an investor that will go up to 150% ltvJonathan
Can one of you nice professionals explain the requirements for a streamline fha refinance?
Joe-There are quite a few bennifits to the streamline refinace. Also, to answer your question about your existing lender. you most definatly do not need to go back through them. Feel free to contact me and I would be more than happy to go over the details of your scenario with you.1-877-401-1389 xt 103 or...

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