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Jeff Thirey's Answers

In the state of Illnois if you are applying for a reverse mortgage and you have previous in a adjustable rate mortgage can rate be fixed if my children wanted rebuy the property at fixed rate ?
Hi, Yes, you certainly can. With any reverse mortgage, exsisting mortgages must be paid off. The pay off funds are subracted from the available reverse funds. There are several options to receive monies from your reverse and taking the exisisting pay off into consideration should help you choose what...
Can I refinance my house with a 633 credit score?
Yes, we have lenders that will go all the way to 580, but the rates are a little high. 620 is the magic number, as long as your middle score is 620 or higher. Call me, Jeff Thirey, Sr. Loan Officer, @ 630-253-9915 or
Are Fannie and Freddie Mac the only options for mortgages?
And not only FHA and VA, there are specialized and "hard money" loans. I also offer a variety of loans, down to below 580 FICO in many cases. With over affiliated lenders, we can most likely get the best loan for you. Jeff Thirey, Great Mortgage Company, 630-253-9915,
I have excellent credit, but only 1 year of self employment income. Can I still get a loan?
You may well qualify based on additional information and requirements. There are a number of factors that lead to an approval. Contact me for an in-depth analysis of your situation.

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