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Licensed Loan Originator & Real Estate Broker

FHA - MMAP Certified
* up to 4% or $7,500 of loan amount (which ever is lesser) for closing costs or can be used for downpayment.

* up to 60% DTI with compensating factors
* credit scores as low as 600
* 203K - up to 35,000 for upgrades & repairs

* Manufactured Homes

  • VA - 100%
  • CONVENTIONAL - up to 95% LTV
    at least 62 yrs or older - Access to Extra Income.

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Relax! Let Your Home Work For You!

Do you need to pay off debt, cover medical expenses, or help out the kids? If you're at least 62 years old a Reverse Mortgage Loan may make your life more enjoyable. From paying off credit cards and other bills, to travel and home repairs, or to increase your cash flow, you'll enjoy a new independence with a loan that is safe and secure.
Reverse Mortgages offer:
Access to Extra Income - You can pay off a current mortgage or fund many of the following:
  • Healthcare and prescription drug costs
  • Home remodeling or repair
  • Supplemental income for everyday living expenses
  • Assisting grandchildren with education expenses
  • Estate and financial planning
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Buying a new car or taking a vacation
    … or anything else you decide you want to use it for!
All the cash benefits are tax free
No Income Qualifying Guidelines
Payment Disbursement Options
Peace of Mind
You can live in your home the rest of your life, no monthly payments are required plus your home is fully insured by HUD's Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

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If a smaller scale of repairs is required the Streamline 203K is a simplified program that was developed to specifically address these needs.
With the Streamline 203K program you obtain one loan for the purchase (or refinance of an existing debt), and the amount necessary to complete the required repairs.
 Advantages to the FHA Streamline 203K
  • Repairs are completed after closing with loan proceeds.
  • Great tool for REO Properties
  • Low down payment
  • One loan amount for the purchase or refinance
  • & the repairs
  • Loan fees may be financed
  • Mortgage is FHA insured
To learn more about the FHA Streamline 203K contact one of our loan Advisors today!

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