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To be thought of by clients and colleagues as a person with integrity, follow-thru, and organization. To be a consultant not a transactional salesperson. To help all that I come in contact with to improve their quality of life through responsible lending practices.


To enjoy what I do every day, and be challenged by it. To work smart, so that I may spend quality time with family and friends. To remind my client's of their dreams and help them realize a stress free retirement.


I approach every appointment with my client's in listen only mode. I ask about their goals, dreams, and future plans. I help every first time home buyer with a budget, to really look at what they can afford not what they want. A gentle reminder to them that they should not be tied to a mortgage payment they cannot truly afford. They need to go to dinner and a movie occasionally! We discuss their 5 year plan and determine when it might be right for them to upgrade and what they need to do to get there.

Conversely, with Seniors we revisit their retirement dream. . Most important to any Senior whom has children and grandchildren is the legacy they want to leave, living an independent life and, to be financially stress free. This is first and foremost in our discussions. We then research the facts so, they can make an informed financial decision of whether or not to use a Revese Mortgage


Mortgage Lending since 1984
Trained over 200 New Loan Consultants
Wrote and Implemented Procedural Manuals for Private Money
DRE approved Reverse Mortgage for Purchase Instructor

Specialties:First Time Home Buyer Seminars, Reverse Mortgage for Purchase and Refinance, Marketing, Public Speaking

What is the difference between a Reverse Mortgage Loan and a Conventional Loan? First let me explain that a Reverse Mortgage whether a refinance on your current home or a purchase money loan on a new home is exactly the same...
Remember the excitement of getting married, growing your family, and planning your Retirement Dream? Whether you planned well or not, there are just some forces you cannot control (the economy). At age 65 when most people...
Why I got a Reverse Mortgage (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) "I have a few observations on this topic, based on my 13+ years as a HECM originator, and the fact that I am myself a HECM borrower who does make payments on his...
Before you contact a Realtor, know how much you qualify for, as a good Realtor will best serve you if they know you have all your ducks in a row. You want to have an exciting buying experience, not a stressful one! Qualifying...

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