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June Green's Answers

Wells Fargo Foreclosure eminent after 10 months of them beating us up! No completed review. No denial letters. HELP!
Sorry to hear that you are dealing with the same system as many others. I would advise you take William's advice below and look into the HARP refinancing option as your 1st best alternative. Second, banks postpone foreclosure sale dates frequently. You just have to get a customer service person to...
Looking for a new mortgate, but have foreign earned income as primary income source
I would advise you contact Chad Bowman at United Lending or CT Hancock at Coldwell Banker Mortgage. Chad is a retired Vet and Loan officer and is very knowledgeable on VA loans. CT is very experienced also and has good rates. Prime Lending is also a very reputable loan company. Another few contacts are Tony...

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