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James Walls's Answers

Mortgage help
Everyone in our industry values customer loyalty however, you are shopping for a loan and have never used this broker's services in the past. Therefore, it wouldn't be frowned upon to get a 2nd opinion. as long as you can detail your exact situation (credit, employent, income), you would be...
With an 800+ credit rating..What is the current mortgage rate in HarfordCounty? Can get an estimate of closing costs?
You couldn't have picked a better time to refinance with the historically low rates we are seeing. I can show you rates and closing costs in an easy to ready spreadsheet. All I would need to know is your yearly property tax amount and your yearly homeowner's insurance amount to come up with an...
What is the best method to explain a negative balance to mortgage lender?
Hello, Thank you for your question. First thing I'd suggest is if you just found out about the negative balance, contact your bank to see if they can forgive the overdraft and update the account. Should that not work, suggestion is honestly is the best policy. Simply state had a lapse of judgment on the...
How fast after a loan close can we move into the house? Will they give the keys at closing?
Hey Jerome,With a purchasing a home, unless stated otherwise at settlement you will receive the keys to the home and it's ready for occupancy. Please let me know if I can assist with financing.James
Hello,I filed a Chap 7 BK 6 years ago, w/ the intention of reaffirming my 2nd mortgage. At the time, my property was not worth
Hello, it looks as though you're message was cut off. What was your question pertaining to re-affirming?
is this a commercial property??
I'm sorry I don't think I understand your question?
how can I get a refinance with a 4yr charge off
Hello,I'd be more than happy to assist. Is the chargeoff a foreclosure on another property? If you're 4 years from discharge you could refinance with either FHA or conventional financing.

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