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Kelly Fontes's Answers

800 Credit Rating - and can't buy a condo in Las Vegas?
Simply, no you can not get a conventional loan with 5% down in that price range. You have 2 options.... 1. Buy a single family residence 2. Wait for non-warrantable condo financing to come back.
Difference between FHA and HomePath?
It is easier to qualify for FHA. Especially with a lower down payment option. Homepath loans are pushed by the listing agent "because there is no required appraisal" yaaaa!!!! Not so much... not having a appraisal usually helps who... the bank/seller/Fannie May.
FHA Mortgage Questions
To answer your question you will also pay a upfront mortgage insurance for a FHA loan. This is now 1.75% that is financed in the loan. FHA>Homepath because they require a appraisal to help validate the value of the home you are purchasing. Most companies that can originate FHA loans can close your loan,...
V.A. loan with charge off on credit report
Any lender will do that VA loan.
Can i cosign a mortgage for my son if i've never owned?
His father would have to be on the loan or we would need to get his credit score up, we help with that for free.Kelly Fontes Lone Mortgage Las Vegas, NV
Getting a mortgage with little credit
Call a local broker, they can help you.
How long do i have to be working before im approved for a mortgage?
Yes, you can buy now. How much you can buy depends on the part time income.Thanks,Kelly A FontesGeneva Financial702.400.9241 Phonekfontes@genevafi.comNMLS 335280 NVMLD 920802
I'm selfemployed please tell me what I can do for a mortgage
Define inconsistent? What do you do for income? Typically we average out the income over a specified period of time. It may lowers your pre approval but you can defiantly buy a home.Kelly FontesGeneva Financial702-400-9241
Is there a loan which provides for cash in hand at closing?
Yes, a cash out refinance. Or a home equity loan.

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