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Ken Gunn's Answers

Have the rates already hit their bottom? Did i miss out to refi?
That is a great question! I think it all depends on what you want to do with your property in the near future. If the plan is to stay and the trends are telling us that we will have a swing in the wrong direction you might want to lock in a long term rate. if you are lloking at moving with in 5 years this may change...
Is it worth it to refinance in my situation?
Emily19,Do you want a 30 Year Fixed? I would need to know how much yu owe to really give you more information. You can do loans at no cost and still save some money.Ken Gunn714-374-3799
Can someone please tell me when the new harp2.0 law will go into effect?
The approval of the Harp2 came in December 2011 but Lenders will not have it in effect till March 2012. The product allows for no equity so this product should work for you. Ken GunnGeneva Capital Network"The Real Estate Financing Professionals"1720 Pacific Coast Highway, 202Huntington...
How do I refinance my mortgage?
The application is the key. Lenders are looking for information and make decisions based on this information. If you are looking for a local company that can help you please feel free to log in to my website: We are located in Huntington Beach, CA and can answer all of you questions....
Went through short sale in past, is there any mortgage programs that could help me get a home loan soon?
The guidelines state that you can obatin financing after 4 years for a conventional loan and 3 years for a FHA loan after a Short Sale.Ken Gunn 714-374-3799 Huntington Beach, CA.
Is it possible to get a mortgage after chapter 13 discharge?
The average time to wait is 24 months after a discharge of a Chapter 13. Under certain circumstances it could be less time.
Want to get into a $2.1 M home. Is this possible?
Manny- Yes the guidelines allow for up to $2 million with just 20% down. You would have to have to close on your current home before we can close on this purchase. Please feel free to call my office regarding rates and terms. Ken Gunn- Local Huntington Beach, CA lender 714-374-3799.
I am looking to refinance my home
We are a local company in Huntington Beach and would be happy to help. We are very competitive in the industry and should be able to meet your needs.Geneva CapitalKen Gunn 714-374-3799
Disabled vet looking for the best mortgage rate.
Today's VA rate is 3.375% with a credit score above 680. Please call 714-374-3799. Ken
Looking for a reverse mortgage for my parents.
Hi Jeannine, My name is Ken Gunn with Geneva Capital #334725 and after you talk to everyone give us a call. We will help you with all your questions on your Reverse loan.714-374-3799
I am almost paid off on my mortgage (a two family home). I want to purchase a new single family home and rent the first home. Should I wait until I have completely paid off my mortgage before applying for a second?
Joey, You do not have to pay off your current loan to qualify for a new loan. You may be able to use the income from renting your current home to qualify for the new property. Any other questions. or 714-374-3799. Ken Gunn

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