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Kenneth Kopper's Answers

Can My Son Get An FHA Mortgage?
jane0oo, Gregorio gave you the best advice here. Assuming, he qualifies for the loan based on his income it would really depend on his credit depth and current scores. Non occupant coborrowers are used to supplement income rather than to offset very limited or derogatory credit. If his credit meets...
should I wait to get married?
jamie, do you know if there was mortgage delinquency involved with the short sale of his previous home? There has been some softening of guidelines towards previous shortsales but it must meet several requirements.
Want A Mortgage, Need Expert Advice
Marty, there is no way to have your wife apply and use your income. However there are numerous things you can do to quickly improve your score in order to fully qualify for a hone purchase. Ken KopperTenacity Mortgage(800)496-0235
Fastest way to get my name off multiple properties
As Colorado lender made reference can have yourself removed from title on these properties unless you have have loans against those properties in which the properties would need to be refinanced out of your name in order to remove you from title.
Do We Need To Refinance?
If you are planning on purchasing the home, you will need financing as a non arms length transaction. In order to transfer title from your son's name into yours, any existing liens need to be paid in full. Is your son's ex-wife also currently on title? Lots of details here to consider but...
I am a first time home buyer, I make $32,000 a year. My middle score is 598. How can I get a mortgage for $115,000?
1st step is applying for a loan. There are loans available under 598 but they generall carry higher rates and costs. You may want to find a loan officer that assist in a bit of credit repair to get the midscore up over 620 for more competitive pricing.
Fannie Mae Rejected Us! Who Can Help?
Stacey92, please feel free to contact me to discuss in greater detail. Is it 82% of the condo project or phase? There is definitely financing out there but more details would help find the best investor.Ken Kopper-Mortgage Consultant-Tenacity Mortgage (800)496-0235 x1262...
How Long Will It Take To Refinane?
Marvin, Each loan is its own individual entity these days. Turntimes from application date to settlement date can vary greatly depending upon a multitude of variables. I could list them all but it would me take me the rest of afternoon and I would still miss some. Make sure your Loan officer is giving you a...
I have my own bussiness in new york city but i want to buy a house in pasadena maryland, can i qualify to have a fha loan
Having worked in one state and lived in another, I definitely buy in to your situation but it will ultimately come down to what an underwriter or lenders believes here. Working in NYC and living in MD in not that much of a stretch IMHO and I know people who do it albeit have an apartment in NYC and spend long...
How soon can I refinance an FHA mortgage?
The answer would depend on the reason why you had a co-borrower for the FHA loan and whether or not that reason has been addressed since then.
Is it cheaper to do an FHA streamline refinance or refinance with a conventional loan with no mortgage insurance?
If I am reading into your question correcttly, you want to know if its cheaper to do a FHA streamline or look at refinancing with a conventional loan at 95%LTV with Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance and no monthly mortgage insurance premium. With the streamline, the property value will play alot less of a...
Can I get a reverse mortgage on Condo with ground lease of 66 years remaining? No term was the reason for decline
Karen, have you or your reverse mortgage consultant looked into buying out the ground rent and converting the property to fee simple through the transaction?
Can my dad refinance such that I can assume the mortgage?
I have handled situations exactly like this and you would to purchase the property from your father as a non arms length transaction and he would be able to gift you whatever equity (if available) to meet the loan to value requirements. As with all loans, you would need to qualify as far as credit and...
Mortgage question
The best way to get qualified for a home purchase is to contact a reputable mortgage consultant that you feel comfortable working with and provide them with the entire scenario to process. That way you can lay out all of your options for consideration and also be able to work on strategies on qualifying...
Any lenders First time home buyer.
Tracy, I would be happy to take a look at your qualifcations as far as purchasing a home. Word of Advice, hold off off touching any of these old debts until you have someone review the credit with you. On older chargeoffs and collections that havent reported in a while, making payments or settling those...
VA stream Line for to off first and second mortgage
Paul, you could look to streamline the 1st and subordinate the 2nd lien or if there was equity available, VA allows cash out transactions up to 90% of the property's value in which you could combine the 1st and 2nd. What do you estimate the market value of your home is?
can my spouse go on the loan with current bankruptcy that has been discharged
Amorto, whether or not your spouse would qualify for with a bankruptcy on credit would depend on the type of bankruptcy, the time since bankrupcty was discharged, the type of loan program and also whether his/her credit score qualified. I am in Baltimore, please feel free to contact to discuss your...
What can I use the lender credits for?
Thats sounds odd to me as well...If you only need LC of $2500, why not take a lower rate for the life of the loan with lower Lender Credit
About 9 years ago my home was foreclosed on and it was insured by the VA. Will I be able to qualify for an FHA loan today?
As far as foreclosure seasoning you should be able to qualify for any type of financing you have the means to obtain. You may even qualify for VA financing if you happen to have enough remaining entitlement under your VA benefit.Other than the foreclosure, whether or not you will be able to qualify for...
Exceptions to FHA 2-year employment rule???
Ive run into this issue before where it was only 7 months of employment history since returning to the workforce and we could NOT include that income but I would think with over 1 year and closer to 2 years with stable earnings should allow to inlcude that income for qualifying purposes. You may want to...

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