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I am here to serve you through our Federally Licensed Bank line or other affiliations to make your borrowing experience as enjoyable as possible with the best terms possible. Hopefully, through your conversations with me and your understanding of the quality service i provide, you will allow me the opportunity to work with you.I am a local loan officer with the strength of a national mortgage company behind me and deal with ALL 50 STATES clients. My commitment to you is to devote all of my experience and skill to finding you the loan that meets your needs. As a part of our prequalification process you will need to supply me with the standard required documents to secure a loan that will become part of your permanent file. When requested, please get these documents to me as soon as possible, since any delay will cause a corresponding delay in securing a loan for you and getting you the lowest payment possible. Everyone here at Guardian National Bank appreciates the opportunity to be of service to you. I will be trying to contact you by phone, but if you have the chance, please call me at the number shown below.

Guardian National Bank
816 786 9188 office

816 701 6471 fax

www.mynewmortgagebank,com website email

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