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Kent Stanton's Answers

I\'m not eligable for HARP 2.0 since I used the old HARP to refi right?
That is correct....depending on your homes value you may still be ablr to refinance.E-mail me with any questions. or call me at 910-279-3003.Warm regards,Kent Stanton
Is Mortgage Investors Corporation a VA lender
I am not sure but we are at Guaranteed Rate and we are the Fastest growing mortgage lender in America and the 2nd Largest private mortgage lender in America as well. We lend our own money as a mortgage lender and we get National rate sheets from all the mid and major players in the mortgage market. E-mail me...
USDA loan turn around time?
Typically it will take 5-10 business days.
Pre-approval on a mortgage question??
GIve me a call...910-279-3003, we are Guaranteed Rate the second laregest private mortgage lender in America, the score is 1 point lower than needed with most banks, some will do 639, and should be an easy fix. You guys should get closed within 3-4 weeks tops once we get the score to 640.

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