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Kirsten Fleenor's Blog

Rate Watch 4-5-2011
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
Owner Occupied only - call me for Investment or Jumbo pricing. FNMA LOANS TO $417,000.00 FHA LOANS TO $271,050. Purchase/Refinance:. * 30 Year Fixed 4.875%, APR 5.082%, 80% LTV, with escrows and 1% origination fee, 740 Middle FICO score* 20 Year Fixed 4.725%, APR 5.030%, 80% LTV, with escrows and 1% origination fee, 740...
3 Reasons to Sell Your House Today! (Part I)
Updated Oct. 9, 2013
Part I - Demand for Real Estate is Much Stronger This Year. When selling anything, owners can only hope there is a strong demand for that which they are selling. The great news for today's home sellers is that the current housing market is experiencing a stronger demand than we have seen in some time.. The spring...

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